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Beloved, the Knowledge liberates, look in the Mirror of Essential Recognition without any fear.
There are three levels of creatures who happened to enter upon the path of Yoga (Achievement of the Unity with the Supreme God):
Pashu – an animal, Vira – a warrior hero, Deva (Divya) – divinity.

In Pashu (an animal Yogi) dominates the Tamasic Guna (Ignorance),
In Vira (a warrior Yogi) dominates the Rajasic Guna (Restlessness),
In Divya (a divine Yogi) dominates the Sattvic Guna (Spirituality).

Pashus perceive God basing on Rupa (form) – icons, statues, images of saints. It`s an essential part of their practice. Viras worship Rupa (form), only trying to live through His presence per se beyond the material symbols. Divyas perceive themselves as one whole with God, practicing the ever-absolute unity in all parts of their being. The Divyas literally see God as appearing in every image, every form (Rupa) as well as nonrestricted by any form (Arupa).

Recognition of Nature
Pashu can hardly see Vira or Divya. Vira sees Pashu, but can rarely see Divya. Divya sees all three Castes. And this happens even if all of them are situated in one church.

Recognition of different-level practice
Pashus get scared when see Viras, practicing, it hurts their Ahamkara (the Ego). Viras get confused for some time when see Divyas practicing. But due to their courage they are willing to grasp this level. Divyas know about the practice of all three Castes understanding the significance of such practice for each level.

Motives of Practice
Pashus practice Yoga to fulfill their desires and avoid misery. Vira practices Yoga to save himself and others, leaving desires aside. Divya practices Yoga to open his True Self, following the bliss of his Heart. His practice is like a Breath of Nature, it`s a natural motion of the Supreme God`s Recognition as Himself.

Sacred Places
Pashus worship Sacred Places willing to go there and whenever they reach the site they become proud of such an achievement. Pashus feel bad being in the place where they live. Viras go to the Sacred Places as they want to visit the sites enlightened by Divyas. Viras forgive those who have never been there. Divyas don`t feel the need to visit Sacred Places as whatever place they practice in gets enlightened by their consciousness hence becomes Sacred.

Guru (Preceptor)
Pashus don`t strive to accept Guru as he interferes with their worldly life and defeats their Ahamkara (the Ego). But for Pashus Guru is compulsive. Vira or Divya could fulfill this role. Those who say that Pashu doesn`t need Guru make him die, leaving Pashu alone with his Darkness. Vira strives to have Guru. Divya or also Vira, possessing Jnana (Knowledge), could be this Preceptor. Divyas needn`t have Guru as they literally see God.

Pashus practice carelessly without any eagerness. Facing a single hassle it seems to them like they were delivered wrong sermons, that it`s not a good place for practice. Pashus hardly perceive Jnana (Knowledge) and shortly forget most of it. Worldly worries repress received Jnana (Knowledge). They realize Sadhana just as externalization. Even these physical actions they perform carelessly. Viras practice hard. Jnana (Knowledge) may be also perceived with difficulty, but they persist in learning and practicing. The practice of Vira, based upon both external and internal performance, leads them towards inner revelation. Divyas can perform any type of practice, they perceive Jnana (Knowledge) through inner consent and recognition. Divyas recognize the form of what has always been in their Heart beyond any form.

Loka (Worlds of Existence)
Pashu stays in Bhur-loka or Jagrat (Material world). Vira may stay in Bhur-loka, Bhuvar-loka or Swapna (Subtle world of forms). Divya may stay in two previous worlds Bhur-loka or Jagrat and Bhuvar-loka or Swapna (Material and Subtle worlds of forms), as well as in Swar-loka or Sushupti (Subtle world beyond forms) and Tat or Turia, in the fourth state, end of consciousness, in the beyond.

Perception of one`s caste
Pashus consider themselves as Viras or Divyas and they don`t strive for higher-level practice. Viras think they are Pashus and work hard to change their nature.
Divyas … don`t think.

Sadhu (Practicing man) eventually evolves to the higher caste.
Remember that in every Pashu there is Divya, who hasn`t recognized himself yet,
Love Everyone!