CenterNewsARM 2014 (Golden rock)

XII All-Russian Auroconference

XII All-Russian Auro-Meeting (ARM) took place on August, 8-16th in the retreat center "Golden rock" (Saint-Petersburg Region).

ARM is an opportunity that every time arises for those practicing the Integral Yoga to strengthen their practice, to learn about experience of the other Sadhus of the Integral Yoga, coming from different counties and places all over Russia. All those seeking for Love, Divine Presence, opening to the Divine work, Internal transformation can learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

This time Doctor Alok was invited to the Conference as a special guest. From the very childhood he has been leaving in the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in Pondicherry, spent plenty of time beside the Mother. During his meetings with the participants of the ARM he was telling about collective and individual yoga, Surrender, Obstacles and Help on the Path and many many other things. Within several days Doctor Alok answered various questions from the audience, spared his time to each one who addressed him even while short breaks. You can also experience the whole love and deep knowledge that his words are pervaded by while listening to the course of his seminars.

Another guest of ARM is Vladimir Yatsenko, who has lived in Auroville for more than 20 years, has been doing lecturing on spiritual and philosophic themes, teaching Sanskrit for quite a long period of time in The University of Human Unity. At the Conference Vladimir has delivered amazingly deep course of lectures dedicated to the Vedic Knowledge, namely Rig Veda, confirming Sri Aurobindo to be genuine Vedic Yogi. These lectures are the result of precious experience from longstanding learning and practicing. Awakened knowledge can become available to everyone who wills and aspires after gaining inside into Divine Reality.

All participants had a possibility to attend Vladimir's lessons on Sanskrit, where he was telling about one of the most mysterious and beautiful languages of the world in a very simple way. Currently Vladimir is delivering lectures on Sanskrit to different groups, including those from Russia. Lots of people dream to understand and feel Sanskrit, but with the help of genuine master all these dreams may come true when inaccessible knowledge turn to accessible right here.

We would like to thank ARM organization team for their daily involvement and preparing very comfortable space for practicing. Besides seminars and satsangs, during this week there were held another events dedicated to different aspects of Sadhu's life. Among those there were lessons on hatha-yoga and painting, all participants could try to play different instruments. There were daily mantra-chantings and reading of Savitri, meditations, games etc. The group from Oryol offered to take part in the project "The Soul of Russia", lots of people including guests of the Conference backed up this idea.

Our Center was making video of most events. It is possible to download them when clicking the following links.

Videos from ARM:

Meetings with Dr. Alok (Ashram of Sri Aurobindo)

Meeting 1Meeting 6
Meeting 2Meeting 7
Meeting 3Meeting 8
Meeting 4Meeting 9
Meeting 5Meeting 10

Lectures Vladimir (Auroville) by Vedic Knowledge

Lecture 1Lecture 5
Lecture 2Lecture 6
Lecture 3Lecture 7
Lecture 4 

Seminars on Sanskrit with Vladimir

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Mantra-chanting by Victor (Moscow)

Performance 1
Performance 2

Story of Vladimir and his wife Siv (Norway) about leaving in Norway and Auroville

Story of Vladimir and his wife Siv

The atmosphere of ARM like showing wonderful example as Yoga is covering all spheres of life as well as the fact that the paths to the Divine are countless and varied. It's hoped that everyone has found at ARM everything he was aiming to get (and even more), became one step closer to the Divine Manifestation and to his own Original Goal. Huge thanks to everybody who participated in this Conference.