NewsVAK 2008

VI All-Russian Auroconference

near St. Petersburg

Dear friends! From 14 till 21 August the Sixth All-Russian Auroconference was held in the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Representatives of groups practising integral yoga in different Russian towns and cities took part in the meeting.

The Conference was devoted to the Bhagavad Gita, i.e. a Hindu scripture produced from the sacred colloquy given by Sri Krishna to his friend and disciple Arjuna. In the text Krishna described the Triple Path of Yoga: Path of Knowledge, Path of Love and Path of Action.

During those days there were read such Sri Aurobindos works as Savitri and The Life Divine and also there were done energetic Indian and Chinese practices (Pranayama and Falungun) as well as Chankramanam (the practice of walking in meditation).

There were shared classical Gayatri and Sri Aurobindos Gayatri Mantras with all who wished. Maria from Chelyabisks group showed how to use Mudras. Alexey, who is one of the heads of Aditi publishing house, taught spontaneous dancing. One day of the Conference was dedicated to the Mauna practice (control of speech and internal silence) It was a hard challenge for many people. Next day during analyzing the Mauna practice there were a lot of smiles and laugh. Besides, every day there was done Hatha Yoga practice in integration with descending Shakti.

Images of those days are below:

And this is the nature we were lucky to practice in:

Traditionally, during our meetings an art-evening is organized where everyone can read a poem, sing a song, show his/her paintings or perform a dance. After this evening we start to look at each other a little bit in a new way...

Here are only some of the artists who performed on the stage:

After seven days of the Conference it was time to say goodbye, however it was hard to do. All thanked organizers of the Conference and Guards of Dharma (including a wish to take more meditation sessions).

At the end there was Prasad practice (consecrated food eating) by candlelight.

We sang the ceaseless OM and the Conference was finished...