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Darshan of the Mother

On the February 21, 2013 our Center celebrated birthday of Mirra Alfassa, the Mother.

Followers of the Integral Yoga respect Mother as one of the Integral Yoga establishers together with Sri Aurobindo. At the yearly stages of the Pondicherry Ashram, Sri Aurobindo has granted Mirra Alfassa with "the Mother" spiritual name and told the following in one of the letters to his disciples: "There exist the one Divine Force, acting in the universe as well as in each human being and at the same time out of the human being and the universe. This is the Mother. Here it works via the material body to descent into our material world something that has not been manifested so far in order to transform the life on the Earth".

Darshan at the day of the Mother Birthday is a very joyful event for the many Sadhus, and it started to be celebrated from the establishment of the Pondicherry Ashram.

At this very day Sadhus of the Integral Yoga are doing individual or collective meditations and dedicate them to the Mother, surrendering to the Force and the Light of Her Divine influence. Our open meeting on the February 21, 2013 was dedicated to this event.

Our meeting started with a performance "The Ascent to the Truth" authored by the Mother. Not everyone is aware that Mirra Alfassa, the Mother, was talented in different spheres of human's life: for instance music, playwriting, painting and others. While heading the Ashram she wrote several spiritual plays and later on invited disciples to participate in performances.

The play "The Ascent to the Truth" is showing the moments as the people seeking for the Life Divine are hiding behind various excuses not to go on with their Spiritual Path. Scientists, lovers, even those ones who got enlightened – lots of them quit with their self-improvement in the end as well as seeking for the Divine and only the few are ready to go forward till the very end. While reaching all new Wisdom Picks, heroes of the play constantly face the choice – rest on one's laurels or keep their way to the new unknown life. Those sadhakas participated in the performance had a chance to try different life-roles, experience the whole fortunes. They say that participation in spiritual theater-plays might fill Sadhu with a new Force for further spiritual development and growth. This play enabled the actors as well as the audience, who found themselves in the characters, to overcome their own fears, make some steps closer to release all doubts they used to have, to bear aspiration for further striving for the Divine Truth despite everything.

Right afterwards, during the main part of the meeting, there was a meditation dedicated to the Mother. It was conducted by the Senior Mentor of our Center – Ekaterina. During the meditation Ekaterina has read several Mother's statements, and Sadhakas together with the guests could feel the Mother's Presence, the touch of the Divine Light, Love and Divine Force.

The meditation was followed by a common mantra-chanting, when altogether Sadhus and the guests had a chance to read the Mother’s mantra "OM NAMO BHAGAVATE" in line with the Mother’s recorded voice. In this mantra one should concentrate his attention to the opening to the Divine, descending flow of His Divine Energy. While chanting this mantra, all the time we are doing inner surrender of all our achievements and failures, hopes and fears, all the good and bad from inside of us to the Divine Shakti, Divine Force that is truly able to transform us and harmonize our lives. According to the Mother’s words, this must be the right attitude to the Divine, totally open and sincere.

"Om Namo Bhagavate" by the Mother

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the talent show where everyone could express his talents and skills.

The senior mentor Ekaterina was performing with a mantra recitation. There was an atmosphere of joy, spiritual/divine force and inspiration during all the performances. It is good to note that the Mother was playing the organ, and the music has had its own place in Ashram's life, and thanks to that many of Sadhus leaving there could later on discover their hidden musical talents.

Sadhu Elena continued the Evening with several self-written poems. Lyubov made everybody enjoying her amazing voice while singing a song with symbolic name "Mother's love". Sadhu Lyudmila has read a poem about the beauty of the present moment.

Lyubov Karlova, "Mom's love" (takes the author)

Sadhu Olga has performed a kiddy song thus offering to feel ourselves the Mother's kids, to look at the world with kids' eyes – simply, sincerely and open. Such songs are able to remind spiritual seekers that there is no necessity of being too serious as the world is a Joy and eternal Game of the Deity.

The senior mentor Georgy has read two of his poems. Verses of his poems are filled with highness and tenderness, bring people down to the silence and harmony. One of the poems read is called "the Mother's touch", there is the extract:

...More wonderful than world's perfection,
That one who met he, fell in love at once,
With beauty dipped into the bliss of trans,
Transcendent voice he heard:

"The age of prophets has gone far away,
The world of death provides its final breath,
All genius the fathers of the universe
Will stay beyond the singing Lord...

The poetry of holy age,
Great playings of the music bliss,
But God creates with women’s ribs,
None poet, but an overman."

To close up the Evening there was a performance of our Center’s musical band "Ananda band". This newly built-up band has gathered talented musicians and singers. Their performance was full of sincerity thus having awakened an echo in everybody's heart so that in the end all the rest were singing together with the musicians. This common chanting very nicely closed the talent show, that was followed by Prasad and talkings.

In the very end of the meeting there came an offer from the senior mentor Ekaterina to dedicate this entire meeting to the Mother, to that one, who is constantly obviously or unobviously supporting each Practitienr on his way to the Divine Manifestation.