In Moscow there was held the First All-Russian Congress of Advaita Vedanta.

In July 2008 the First All-Russian Congress of Advaita was held in Moscow. The following photo gallery will guide you through the Congress.


The Gurus of Advaita from all over the world took part in the Congress: Swami Vishnu Dev (Russia), Madukar (Germany), Cesar Teruel (Venezuela), Swami Anurag Kayum (the Osho center, Russia), Swami Jeti Rupananda (the Sri Ramakrishna Mission, India), Swami Dharma Sumiran and Swami Yoga Kamal (Russia) and a lot of other respected Spiritual Teachers. Yoga of Sri Aurobindo was represented by Guru Mikhail Malakhov and Sadhu Natalia Lobanova (Moscow Sri Aurobindo Center of Integral Yoga), Dmitry Melgunov, who is a translator in Aditi publishing house, and Igor Zenkin, who is a head of Savitri fundin Russia.


Within the meeting our Center conducted several lectures on Advaita Vedanta and practical seminars regarding the following areas: Mantra-Yoga, Pranayama, Hatha-Yoga and Dhyana (the art of concentration). Also throughout the Congress there was read the poem of Sri Aurobindo Savitri. All attendees were offered books on Integral Yoga issued by Aditi publishing house.
The air was full of Light, Power, Wisdom, and Laugh.
Past, Present and Future met together in the Space out of Times...