On July 14-18th Moscow one of the most significant events in Russian Spiritual life was hosted Third International Advaita Vedanta Congress.

Twelve Enlightened Masters from all over the world came to the Congress to glorify it and gift everyone with their light, wisdom and love. They are Swami Vishnudevananda Giri, Pilot Baba Ji, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, Ilya Belyaev, Swami Paramanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Mikhail Malakhov, Cesar Teruel, Swami Dharma Sumiran, Uwe Urban, Acharya Kaylasanathananda Swamikal Tirtapada, Swami Anurag Kayjum, Swami Brahmachari Muktananda.

Some of them had their first Satsangs in Russia.

Among the honored guests of the Congress there were the President of the National TV and radio broadcasting association Eduard Mikhailovich Sagalaev and representatives of the Indian Embassy in Moscow.

Being the third Advaita Vedanta Congress, this event becomes more and more significant. All the rooms were fully packed with people who came to Satsangs of the Enlightened Masters seeking for Highest knowledge. Seven rooms were occupied with lectures, seminars, different kinds if yoga, meditation, initiations into various practices, masterclasses, evenings with etc. Entrances of the both buildings looked like colorful markets. One could buy here spiritual literature, Murti, Ayurvedic products, singing bowls, Indian clothes and accessories, different devices that can help one in ones Practice. Walls along staircases presented masterpieces of spiritual painting. One small table on the first floor was especially popular among visitors - here everyone could try Russian ivan-tea.

Yoga Conference called Way to the Enlightenment involving lots of Enlightened Teachers became the culmination of the Congress. All of them being simultaneously present at the stage, they created the space of concentrated light that is so favorable for spiritual development.

Our Center and its establisher, Realized Master of Advaita Vedanta, Mikhail Malakhov were among the invited quests of the event. His Satsang called Guidance of Bhagavan Sri Krishna was devoted to the question of what is genuine doing versus non-doing. Non-doing cant bring enjoyment to a man who released himself from any doings, - this line from Bhagavat Gita expresses sacrosanct principle of the Lila, the Divine Game.

Initiations into the practices were conducted by the Senior Mentors Catherine and Georgy as well as Senior Sadhus Natalia and Julia that represented our Center and the direction of the Integral Yoga in a worthful way. Moreover there were Murti of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the main hall of the Congress as well as selling of the books on the Integral Yoga.

The official closing of the Congress ended with a Resolution admitted by all the Masters. The Resolution pours the mercy of Gurus blessings and directions on the spiritual practice.

Our Guru and his followers were invited to the fourth Advaita Vedanta Congress that is expected take place in Russia in 2013.