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If we remain individually everywhere [spreading the teaching],
something will be done indeed;
but if we remain everywhere as parts of a Sangha,
a hundred times more will be done.

From the letter of Sri Aurobindo to his younger brother Barin, 1920

The aim of this Yoga is to achieve the Divine Consciousness and to live constantly in Gods Presence allowing this Consciousness and this Presence to get control of our being. We must unselfishly love the Divine, transform our nature into the nature of the Divine and every minute remain an irreproachable executer of the divine will in all our impulses. The purpose of this Yoga is not to become a Yogi or a kind of a Superman (although it is also possible) or to achieve the Divine for the sake of the Might and Power, the satisfaction of the pride or the pleasure of your ego. This Yoga isnt practiced for achieving Moksha although it leads both towards liberation and many other spiritual realizations that also must not be considered its purposes. Our purpose is only the Divine and nothing else.

Thanks the divine mercy the Moscow Center of the Integral Yoga named after Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was founded by a group of its practitioners in 2003. Its aim is to create conditions for the practice of Integral Yoga and to spread information of it.

Today Moscow Center has its own class for practices, Lessons are held every Sunday. In addition to the core curriculum one holds meetings for small groups. All lessons as well as delivery of meditative practices are free of charge. The diligence of a practitioner is the only form of payment.

One of the basic principles of the Center is Knowledge that God lives in everybody. The main task of Yoga is to give an opportunity to the Divinity to manifest itself.

During lessons everyone has an opportunity to put his/her interpretation on the read texts, to give his/her versions of translation, to bring something up for discussion. Explanations and translations often sound Divine and heart of everybody Aspires. Those who have already strengthened themselves in different types of meditations lead Dhyanas to other Sadhaks. At such a moment God again explains the Great Method but from his other lips, with unique splendour of his individuality.

The second basic principle of our group is a real Yoga Practice. We dont limit ourselves neither to books written by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother nor to memories of their life left by the followers. We dont limit ourselves to friendly tea-drinking either. We think that each of us has to become greater than he/she is now. We have to raise our Spirit, to manifest in full the Divine Shakti at first in the thin body and then materially and physically. If we dont change anything in our World-Self, nothing will change. Sri Aurobindo dreamt about at least a hundred of Yogis. Let it be fulfilled Perhaps our group will not achieve outstanding results, but the main thing is the irreproachable Aspiration confirmed by Practice. Perhaps other groups or an individual practitioner will achieve more than we. It isnt so important because a win of one man is a win of everyone.

Our Guru Sri Aurobindo often emphasized that the Divine desires to manifest itself not only as an all-sufficient individuality, but also as a social being. An ascetic who runs away to the forest by seeing another man can be an ideal for Yoga. This is no aim and no completion of formation of the developing World. Being all-sufficient we must learn to interact with each other, to become something more than merely an individual. We must joint our efforts; fulfill tasks that are inaccessible for an individual; to fill joy of communication; to try to learn from our other Selves; to be able to accept responsibility helping those Yogis who need our help.

We invite all those who want to join our Group (Sangha), to become a single whole with us and to travel across the boundless world of Yoga with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the Saints of all times.

Moscow Sadhu-Sangha.