Yoga ArtAphorisms by Mikhail Malakhov

Mikhail Malakhov


The Battle for the Heavens

Two keys can open the Heavens Gate:
The Great Humility and The Great Boldness.
Those having only one key will not enter.

Shruti (heard)

Beloved, strive for the Knowledge, and It will open Everything to You.
Have Love in Yourself, and It will lead you to the True Knowledge.


The prophets Age is coming to an end. The future is clearly seen...
Now comes the time of those who will fulfill the Prophesies...


The only thing a true master can teach is
to do without him...

Jiva-Mukti (liberated while alive)

Everything is Predetermined ... Nothing is Predetermined...
The one who feels no contradiction is Liberated.

The issue of inter-ethnic relations

Dedicated to Ananda Rady
(who thanks to his "kindness" treated Russian audience condescendingly)

Not many people realize,
that Initial, All-dwelling, Nirgunam Brahman also...
has no nationality.


Dedicated to those who are unduly concerned about their appearance

I walked along the park path and the wind played with me with its blasts
starting up the Fire in My Heart.
And My Own Self said to my body: "There is no clothing worth My wearing it.
There are no bodies, in which I can fully manifest..."

Spiritual Name

One day I asked the Gods: "What spiritual name will You give me?"
Sun-faced they smiled and there was an answer in their silent smile:
"Beloved, aren`t You tired of all these names and do you need another one? Look at the Great ones. They neither changed their names in fear nor renounced their past, for that is what has led them to this Radiant now. There is no darkness, but the Light is everywhere ".


Dedicated to the pessimists

I am a Realist and therefore an Optimist.


- Why did you cease Praying and Meditating hard?

- My God! The Strength comes itself! New Conscience is already being manifested several times a day and without any effort!

My Beloved disciple,
Which of the Great ones rested on his laurels?


Dedicated to the "modern agnostics" and "spiritual cowards"

This story happened in the world long time ago.

A man who was not very smart once said aloud: "Do not listen to anyone and do not study under anyone!" Some not very smart people noticed him and came closer to understand what he wanted to say. He repeated the phrase, but much louder so that everyone could hear well: "Listen to nobody!... Nobody!" A man in the crowd, apparently the smartest one of the audience, timidly with some doubt, but looking straight at the speaker, asked: "Positively no one?" "Positively no one!" - without any doubt replied the Orator, He was pleased to be listened so carefully. Some people in the crowd got delighted; they never liked studying and always believed that there was no one but them who understood the life. Some of them were confused; different powers seemed to be fighting inside of them.

People had been listening to that preacher for a long time, asking him the questions that were smart to their thinking. Apparently, this free from ego man sincerely believed that the phrase "Do not listen to anyone!" didn`t refer to him personally. He said very important things after all. Everyone marveled at the teaching of his and thought they got free from something... Soon they stopped listening and learning from each other at all. And they completely ignored the retorts of many prudent citizens who tried to call to their senses.

That world fell a long time ago, but recently I`ve met that preacher again, in this world already. Be vigilant and wise, People of This world.

A two-edged sword

Yoga (the path of unity) is a two-edged sword.
It can give you Great Power or wound an incompetent owner.

What is the Power? What is the Weakness?

One doesnt have to be afraid of the Strong, for its only them who know how to Love.
On has to be afraid of the Weak, for they try to look like the Strong without having learnt to Love.
This gave birth to an expression:
Be afraid of me, for I am weak.

The everlasting story

Dedicated to the Brave Hearts

Without fear I laid the Precious Stones of Teaching in the courtyard of my House and opened the gates wide. But people couldn`t believe their eyes, they passed by, dreaming of the truth, which is always far away. Only people with Brave Hearts cautiously entered the gates of the House of Mine and started scooping the Precious Stones with their handfuls. Soon the others who dream will also come, not for the reason of the value of the stones they discerned, but because of many people who already are next to the Gates of My House and they want to fit in with crowd.

Difficult and easy way

Guru is the one who pushes you into difficulties, showing an easy method. People often choose an easy place to go to using the difficult method.

Transmission Seal

One creature once asked me:
"Where's your Transmission Seal? Where and how did you get it?"
My Transmission Seal is the Teaching that I give. But what I got didn`t cease to be where I had taken It. There, at the crossroads of thousands of destinations there is the Transmission Seal. Who has the Power - go and take It, it is open to a Wise and Strong Heart.

The Transmission Seal can`t be taken from and given to someone. When the time comes, It starts shining over the head of the one, who found the crossroads of Thousands of Truths.


There are neither monks nor laity in nirvana. There is a mere sinful holiness.


If you think you're the smartest, you stop Learning.
If you do not see stupid people, you never learned anything.

Its a pity I didnt takethe slightest part in all this

One man thought something up about me... And he didn`t like that at all. Then he even stopped being friends with me and meeting my eye.
Its a pity I didnt the slightest part in all this.

Silence (Separation, the beginning of the Great Passage)

Two men entered the temple, two men prayed, two men were silent after a prayer. And there was the silence of an Animal, the other one was the silence of God.

Im sorry

A stupid person sometimes makes lots of fatal mistakes, which affect misery of other people. Im sorry for the blindness generated by this stupidity that does not allow him to see even severe consequences of his actions.


There is a Great joy in Peace,
There is a Great joy in Motion.
God is quite a gourmet...

A curious fact

Dedicated to mystics

It`s a curious fact that despite numerous protests of religious figures, the Earth appeared to be round after all!

A spiritual leader

Dedicated to mystics

If there are so many Siddhas in Tibet why is the Dalai Lama still wearing glasses then?

World is more complex and beautiful

Dedicated to mystics

If God wanted to try our sincerity and love, why did He make internal structure of our bodies so complex? One esophagus and a bit of gray matter would be enough.

Unequal equality

A woman is equal to a man - it is perceived as a fair statement.
But if a man acts like a woman it sounds extremely scornfully.

Personality or Impersonality

The question is not if we perceive God either as a great impersonal Law or as a superior Personality, its not how many arguments have already been and will be in the future over this. The question is how we perceive ourselves, how many personal and impersonal aspects there are in us. When we can understand how much of mechanical impersonal law there is in our personality, when we learn to see personality or multiple personalities in what seemed inanimate, then we`ll be able to see His Image with no preferences.

A Realized Master

Once there was an inscription on a poster: "A Realized Master." But there were those who thought it was not true, however, they were a little hesitant, for he might be Realized nevertheless. There were also his adherents convinced that he was a true Master, however, they were a little hesitant that he wasn`t Realized after all. It was the Master only who did not hesitate... Because he was the Realized Master...

To Orthodox people

You may say: Why do we need Lao Tzu`s wisdom if we have Sri Aurobindo? But if Lao Tzu and Sri Aurobindo had met, Lao Tzu would have become one of the best disciples of Sri Aurobindo. Can you positively say this about yourself?
?!... -.

Above God

Dedicated to self-forgetful collectors of spiritual relics

In the East practicing men say that Guru is even above God, because God gave us the opportunity to be born in the Darkness when Guru gives the opportunity to be born in the Light. God covered the knowledge with the veil of forgetfulness and Guru disguises everything that hides the initial Truth. In the East people love Guru so much, they even worship his sandals, saying that they exceed Guru in the strength as Master bears the whole world in his Conscience, and the sandals bear Master himself. Guru stands by the entire world with his heart, and the sandals carry Guru himself...
So, when the worship comes to mere sandals, God completely leaves the sight line of a practicing man.

Islam. Growing-up

I saw Muhammad and tears on His face for the children of His own, for it wasn`t the fame He wanted for the Teaching of His. But there was also a Hope in His sight, for it is still not the end...

Mind and Feelings

An undeveloped mind can see an object if an object has a name.
A wise man has the ability to name everything new.
An enlightened man has the ability to live without names.


Weak ones don`t have enough Strength yet. Those who had become strong got False Pride.
Behold the obstacles, then You can pass through to the True Power, You can go beyond the Supreme Ultimate.

Absolute power

Once I realized that I would never look for the omnipotence, because there are alter egos which have the right to personal liberty.
Over time the world will cease being dangerous for Me, but it will remain new forever because there are countless alter egos which have the freedom to Create.


The Evil does not see the Good,
The Good does not see the Evil.

Trimarga (Triple path)

Jnana is the Essence, Bhakti is the Secret, and Karma is the Method.


Oh mind, you are so wise that when disputing with yourself you often win. It is just a pity,
that when losing a fight against yourself you sadden.

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