Hello, Friends!

This website is dedicated to the Integral Yoga.

This Yoga has combined the best of various directions of Yoga practice – such as Rajah-Yoga, Samkhya, Bhakti-Yoga, Karma-Yoga, Anutara-Tantra, Buddhism and a lot of other disciplines. This Yoga is dedicated to a comprehensive manifestation of the Divine that is hidden in a man. It is also dedicated to the Evolution that is not finished yet, and to the Divine Play Lila that is approaching to its next triumph...

Here we’d like to consider the practical methods of Yoga, the stages of practice, possible difficulties that might appear and ways of their overcoming. We’d also like to give you the benefit of our experience in individual and team work and to invite you for joint practice.

Our Group for the most part consists of the followers of Sri Aurobindo Yoga. Anyway, if you have not chosen a method of Yoga and an aim of your practice yet, we invite you to visit our website and be our guest. Perhaps you will discover Truth and open a Door for yourself that you have never seen before. Truth belongs neither to the individual nor to the defined direction. Truth exists being opened for everybody. That way Sri Aurobindo has come to it, that way we have come to it and that way everyone who sincerely is seeking Truth will be able to come to it.

Sri Aurobindo


The page devoted to Yogic Humor was updated 
The Yoga art page is now available on the website    
The library was extended with a video-seminar "The Darshan of the Great Path" given by Mikhail Malakhov  
The video library page is now available on the website   
Common trip to Abkhazia    (for more details)
The description of regular "Evening With...", 2011-2012, was added     (for more details)
Regular retreat took place in Lykoshino village on July 10-17th    (for more details)
Website of one our Sadhaka devoted to the training of self-development was added to the links.  
   19.10.2011A new page was added to the section on Dharma: "Three classes of Practicing men" (for more details)
Under the aegis of the Center open classes on Sacral Dances are started  (for more details)
Celebration of Sri Aurobindo Dashan day on August 15th    (for more details)
In Moscow there was held the Third All-Russian Congress of Advaita Vedanta    (for more details)
The photograph album of the website was updated.    
Visit to Swami Vishnudevananda Giri Monastery    (for more details)
   22.02.2010The translation of one of the books from Sri Aurobindo Birth Century Library "On Himself" was edited in publishing house Aditi.
Unveiling the sculpture of Sri Aurobindo in UNESCO   (for more details)
Website of Igor Goryachev who is a translator of Sri Aurobindo writings and a resident of Auroville was added to the links  
Website of one our Sadhaka devoted to ancient art of Taijiquan was added to the links  
Recollection of the All-Russian Auroconference 2008     (for more details)
In Moscow there was held the First All-Russian Congress of Advaita Vedanta    (for more details)
   02.07.2008In Moscow there was placed a meeting with a head of Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch (for more details)
   09.12.2007The Recollections-report on ARM 2007 held by Nijniy Novgorod was added (for more details)